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Regular annual servicing of your oil or gas boiler not only maintains the durability of your appliance but can also reduce fuel consumption and maintains the safety and reliability for your peace of mind.

Due to the wear and tear boilers can receive from regular use, they are prone to develop small faults. These can include parts wearing down, as well as the occasional judder and protest when we use more than our usual amount of hot water. This can lead to a general reduction in energy efficiency.

If ignored, these issues may lead to more serious problems with your boiler. Regular maintenance by our Larne based qualified & registered engineer will not only help to identify any faults but also put your mind at rest.

A regular service of your boiler may seem like another unwanted expense, but the price of a full boiler replacement in your home (not to mention the damage that a malfunctioning poorly maintained boiler can do to your property), can run much higher.

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We strive to meet emergency calls within 24hrs.

Non emergency calls can be made via appointment. All boiler repair work is carried out as safely and efficiently using only quality parts.

All parts fitted during repair comes with a guarantee.

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Installation / Fitting

Based on factors such as heating and hot water requirements, capacity, fuel type and running costs, our Boiler Engineer will be happy to advise what appliance is most suitable for each installation. We only work with reputable manufacturers.

We fit all appliances to manufacturer guidelines and with manufacturer guarantee to Gas Safe standards.

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When a new boiler is installed, a commissioning checklist must be completed in full by a qualified and professional Boiler Engineer. Larne based Easyfix Boilers Ltd. can action these boiler checks.

This procedure is vital to gain maximum efficiency from your boiler to ensure it is installed and set up correctly and safely.

online appointments

You can book an Easyfix Boilers appointment online, as well as booking by phone.